Mochilas artesanales, ideales para toda ocasión

Handcrafted handbags, an accessory that never goes out of style

With Claudia Akel, choose the tradition and the story that most represents you.

Colombia is a country full of culture, design and art. Handbags, among many other handcrafted accessories, have become a must-have item in your closet.Their designs, colors, mixtures and textures have endured for years through oral and ancestral traditions that reflect the ethnic power of the country and the importance of maintaining Colombian craftsmanship at another level.

The handcrafted handbags, for years have served as inspiration for hundreds of renowned designers who, along with the history and tradition of our indigenous people, have managed to make inroads and maintain in fashion an accessory that looks good with all kinds of designs and for all occasions.

Since this trend of mixing handicrafts with casual and elegant outfits became a habit, the indigenous communities of our country not only gained strength, but also remain in time as a culture full of talent that deserves worldwide recognition.

Here are the reasons why you should wear a Claudia Akel handmade handbag.

1. Completely handmade art

One of the main reasons why handmade handbags never lose their value, is because of the great effort with which the indigenous people have managed to maintain a tradition for centuries in which with the same quality, effort and raw materials, accessories are made and these never go out of fashion.

Claudia Akel, show off artisan tradition

The fact that each handcrafted design you have in your closet or home has been made by indigenous working hands with a long cultural trajectory, is undoubtedly one of the most important added values of this accessory.

From the body of the handbag, its designs and figures, to the charger and even the pompoms or decorative details of the same, are made entirely by hand, and although it has been tried to industrialize, the art of this type of accessory is that it represents a unique work that will make you feel elegant and fashionable.

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2. No two handbags are exactly alike!

After finding a needle in a haystack, the second most difficult thing is to find two handcrafted handbags exactly alike, even if they are made by the same Arhuaco or Wayuu artisan.

Although there are standard patterns that are followed by the indigenous weavers, each one of them imposes a personal stamp on the handbags they make. Although it is an oral tradition transmitted from several generations, nowadays, the mixture of textures, designs and fabrics keeps the accessory modern and, thus, you can wear it in scenarios that years ago would have been unimaginable.

Do you want to feel unique and be the center of attention? Claudia Akel handcrafted handbags are a must-have for you. Her exclusive designs, which mix tradition with modernism and elegance, fulfill what is necessary for you not to go unnoticed anywhere you go.

3. Every pattern and design tells a story

When you buy a handcrafted handbag, don’t forget to ask for the story. Each of the weaving patterns, textures and overall design tells an insight into the artisan that you’ll love to know.

Hand-woven, handcrafted handbags made for you.

This type of rectangular, square or triangular drawings in the designs of the handbags, usually correspond to an indigenous vision of nature, lifestyle and what they want to express from their heart and tradition. Do not stay without knowing what your favorite accessory tells!

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4. It shows tradition and highlights an ancestral culture.

Certainly there is a lot to talk about the ancestral traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Your handcrafted handbags will last for years in your closet and will never go out of style!

This type of handcrafted accessories carry with them a long history that goes far beyond what we call “civilization”. If you still have doubts as to why you should buy a handcrafted handbag, think about how many centuries the tradition of art that you want to pose in all your events carries in the indigenous memory.

The handmade handbags have remained in time since they arrived and the experts mention in the most important catwalks of the world, that they will not stop being worn for thousands of years more.

This is your opportunity to acquire an elegant, beautiful and full of ancestral history handmade accessory!

5. Dress spectacular in all kinds of occasions!

If for some reason you are still wondering if you need a handmade handbag in your closet, we tell you that it is a type of bag that you can use in all the events and moments of your life.

Handmade handbags in Cartagena

In Claudia Akel, we have different types of handbags that will make you have a variety of options for every occasion. Casual, formal or very elegant, it depends on the style, the outfit you choose and the way you give to an element that will steal the looks anywhere you go.

Choose Claudia Akel and wear tradition! Enter our website and choose the handmade handbag that you like the most and the story that represents you the most.

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