Mujer portando mochila Wayuu

The Colombian handbag made tradition and art.

Since time immemorial, the skillful hands of our ancestors have woven stories into every thread, preserving tradition and art embodied in the richness of our heritage, in unique and timeless creations through cultural fashion.

The Art of Co-creation

It is in this spirit of connection with our roots and celebration of handmade tradition that our inspiration arises, leading us to the transformation and reinterpretation of art, what we call co-creation. At the heart of this proposal are the emblematic Colombian handbags, a cultural product under the creative vision of designer Claudia Akel.

During the creation of each piece, a deep connection with our history and cultural identity is conceived. These pieces are much more than mere accessories; they carry an ancestral essence, they are handbags made by hand and they connect with those who carry them, our handbags for men or women, Wayuu, Arhuaca, or Kogui, are a reflection of a millennia-old tradition, a tribute to the Colombian ethnic designs that have withstood the test of time.

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mochilas para hombre y mujer

Mochila Kogui exclusiva Claudia Akel

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Behind each innovative and meaningful design is Claudia Akel, a talented artist and designer from Cartagena. She has transcended the conventional limits of fashion to create unique compositions that capture the very essence of our culture, tradition, and art.

Her approach goes beyond the aesthetic; she seeks to capture the magic of Colombian traditions and transmit it through her co-creations. Each handbag is a work of art in itself, where the dreams of artisans merge with the designer’s creative vision, giving life to authentic pieces.

Our pieces are perceived as symbols of identity and distinction. They are much more than mere fashion accessories; they are silent witnesses of our tradition, they are handbags made by hand, carriers of a vibrant and living culture.

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