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El arraigo por los tejidos artesanales en su pico más alto

The Colombian fashion: a trend inspired by tradition

Colombia is a country that stands out for its unparalleled coffee, landscapes, and diversity found in it. However, at present, there is already another quality that has made it stand out to the big cities of the world and it is fashion! This is mainly because many of the creations of Colombian designers contain the […]

mochila que demuestra la cultura a traves de los tejidos artesanales

Sacred tissues: culture to become in fashion

The fabric is involved in various activities of Colombian cultures. For the Arhuaca community, the tissues represent their life history, their origin, and the strength of the tribe. For them, more than a craft it is the way to create, exist and reproduce the echo of their community. Therefore, the base of his handbag begins […]

Modelo usando una cartera Guaviare tejida

5 Reasons why Claudia Akel’s clutchs are the best option

Claudia Akel’s Guaviare clutch connect with its jungles and the symbols of its receipts from the Meta department. In this post, we give you five reasons why our clutch are the best option. In different posts on our blogs, we have explained what Claudia Akel’s element of inspiration is, we have talked about how the […]

Portada del blog Mochila Wayuu simbolos y tradicion

Mochilas Wayuu, Symbols and tradition

In Claudia Akel our designs are inspired by Colombian and Latin American ancestral roots like the Wayuu. Most of our designs arise in this ethnic group and are complemented by creative ideas from the designer. In Colombia, most cultures have common tissue, and for Wayuu culture, it’s so important because its identity stands out. Also, […]

modelo sosteniendo una mochila tradicional de la etnia Yukpa

Local fashion and ancestral value

The Colombian fashion industry has merged with ancestral knowledge to give added value to their creations. This has allowed us to experiment with a new angle of designs full of multiple shapes, colors, and patterns that result in unprecedented alternatives such as handbags, purses, baskets, ornaments, etc. Some of Claudia Akel’s creations are complex structures […]


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