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modelo con mochila claudia akel

A Journey Through Claudia Akel’s Creations

In an increasingly globalized world, culture serves as a bridge that connects people from different backgrounds. Claudia Akel, a visionary creative, has managed to capture the essence of this cultural fusion in her astonishing creations. In this blog, we invite you to embark on an exciting journey through Claudia Akel’s works, where cultural diversity comes […]


Discover Cartagena with the style provided by Claudia Akel

An Array of Designs Ready to Experience the Heroic City with You. Cartagena, Colombia’s colonial gem, is a destination that captivates travelers with its historical charm, vibrant culture, and beautiful beaches. If you’re planning to visit this captivating city, don’t forget to carry the elegant and functional handbags from Claudia Akel with you. Here, we’ll […]

mochila portada por una modelo en cartagena

Explore with style and comfort! The perfect handbags for summer

Get the perfect handbag to complement your outfits at Claudia Akel When it comes to venturing out and enjoying the summer to the fullest, having the right handbag makes all the difference. At Claudia Akel, we understand that handbags should not only be practical but also reflect your personal style. Here are some ideal tips […]

Modelo portando una mochila artesanal de Claudia Akel en Cartagena Colombia

The Art of Durability: Claudia Akel Handbags

The fashion world is vast and ever-changing, but there is one brand that has always been consistent in its commitment to offering superior quality products, undeniable elegance, and exceptional durability: Claudia Akel. Known for its impressive range of products, Claudia Akel has won the hearts of many, but today, we will highlight a specific part […]

modelo luciendo canasto claudia akel

This is how tradition begins! We set artisanal trends around the world

Experience tradition and culture with Claudia Akel The indigenous peoples of Colombia have a deeply rooted cultural conservatism within themselves. Their oral and artisanal traditions have been passed down from generation to generation to keep alive a process of craftsmanship that, with some improvements, is designed at Claudia Akel. Part of the weaving and tradition […]

Mochilas artesanales, ideales para toda ocasión

Handcrafted handbags, an accessory that never goes out of style

With Claudia Akel, choose the tradition and the story that most represents you. Colombia is a country full of culture, design and art. Handbags, among many other handcrafted accessories, have become a must-have item in your closet.Their designs, colors, mixtures and textures have endured for years through oral and ancestral traditions that reflect the ethnic […]

Modelo usando mochilas Claudia Akel, nunca pasan de moda

3 Essentials for looking elegant and fashionable in 2023

Craft handbags, hats and baskets, all you need is Claudia Akel. 2023 summer’s promises to be a sunny and colorful year with amazing trends. Vibrant tones, craft handbags, hats and transparencies are the main trends which you need to know to be fashionable this year. Fashion industry has found in accessories the best way for […]

Mochila tejida artesanalmente por Claudia Akel

The fashion handcrafted, it’s don’t expire. They are the trend for 2023!

Handcrafted accessories and handmade art are stronger than ever. Bags and accessories in general never go out of style, and if we talk about handcrafted details, exclusivity and originality in your outfits will be trendy for many years to come. As for 2023, on the world’s haute couture runways, these handcrafted accessories have caught the […]

El arraigo por los tejidos artesanales en su pico más alto

The Colombian fashion: a trend inspired by tradition

Colombia is a country that stands out for its unparalleled coffee, landscapes, and diversity found in it. However, at present, there is already another quality that has made it stand out to the big cities of the world and it is fashion! This is mainly because many of the creations of Colombian designers contain the […]

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