Modelo posando con una Mochila Yukpa tejida a mano de Claudia Akel

Claudia Akel, Weaving the Future of Artisanal Design

En Cartagena, where the sun caresses the Caribbean and the waves whisper tales of tradition, Claudia Akel emerges. A bold narrative intertwining art, fashion, and social commitment in each handbag woven with authenticity and dedication.

Claudia Akel, through its history and conviction, has achieved something exceptional: transforming ancient indigenous traditions into modern art pieces. This story begins in the cobblestone alleys of the “Ciudad Amurallada”, where local artisans, with weaving skills passed down from generation to generation, have been the inspiration for obtaining exclusive pieces valued as cultural gems.

Our handbags and accessories emerge as more than just a fashion accessory; they are living testimonies of Colombia’s rich indigenous cultural heritage. Every stitch tells a story of resilience, creativity, and pride. In a world obsessed with the ephemeral, at Claudia Akel we opt for the lasting, the artisanal, the authentic, and the exclusive.

The value in each handbag and accessory is not limited to aesthetics, but extends to the lives of the artisans who inspire this act of cultural creation. Each of these cultural creations becomes an expression of identity of our indigenous peoples, a unique masterpiece that transcends time.

Claudia Akel embraces the concept of sustainable fashion, redefining the folk fashion landscape. Commitment to artisanal production supports cultural heritage and promotes the conservation of ancestral techniques, resulting in these cultural gems that we design. Each handbag is a direct connection to the land, the roots, and the essence of Colombia.

Handmade brown handbag

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Empowering and recognizing local artisans is an essential part of our journey. Each purchase not only adorns the wearer but also supports a hegemonic tradition. These handbags and accessories become symbols of hope, elevating not only style but also spirit.

At Claudia Akel, we pride ourselves on being much more than a fashion brand; we are storytellers, culture curators, and advocates of authenticity. This is a journey that transcends passing trends, celebrating cultural heritage and guiding the future of design, and we invite you to be part of this journey.

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