The opportunities to create can be shared when we admire the talent and wisdom of others as if they were our

The opportunities to share what nurtures us are strengthened when we make our skills available to others as well. We are a brand that admires the threads between humanity and nature, and brings them together through art and co-creation.
We create exclusive mochilas through our own unique process—sustainable, inclusive, and friendly. Respect for what has been and passion for creation.

By conviction, our mochilas carry a cultural treasure found in Colombia, which has always been a source of artistic curiosity for Claudia Akel: Our diversity and ethnic abundance. 

Wearable art

Cultural co-creation


Our purpose is to share.

Our purpose is to find the middle ground.

Our purpose is to weave relationships that last over time.

Our purpose is to build together, with the best of each one.

Our purpose is to create by being creative.

Each ethnicity is its own universe that uncovers its knowledge to us.

To reciprocate with art and admiration.

To coexist and co-create are two sides of the abundant concept of living in community.

imagen de modelo con una mochila intervenida por Claudia Akel