Modelo con mochila Claudia Akel

Claudia Akel: Fashion Season with Colombian Crafts

In this fashion season, we are excited to highlight the elegance and charm of Colombian crafts in our collections. Join us on a journey through the creativity and tradition of this beautiful country as we explore how Colombian crafts become the essence of fashion.

Claudia Akel handbag, exclusive design

Tradition in Every Stitch:

Colombia is a country brimming with artisanal talent. From the intricate hand-woven Wayuu handbags to the beaded details of the Emberá culture, each piece is a work of art reflecting Colombia’s rich cultural heritage. At Claudia Akel, we are proud to collaborate with local artisans to create unique garments that incorporate these traditional techniques. Every stitch is a celebration of the skill and heritage of Colombian communities.

Vibrant Colors and Fascinating Textures:

The color palette in Colombian crafts is truly dazzling. From the warm, earthy tones of fabrics to the bright shades of the threads used, Colombian fashion is a burst of color. In our seasonal collection, you will find colorful handbags and accessories that celebrate the richness of this vibrant palette. Each piece is a story in itself, weaving tradition into modernity.

Model on a street in Cartagena de Indias, with Claudia Akel handbag

Sustainability and Support for Local Communities:

At Claudia Akel, we not only value the beauty of Colombian crafts but also their sustainability. Our collaboration with local artisans not only helps preserve traditions but also provides economic opportunities for communities. By choosing products from our brand, you are supporting ethical and sustainable fashion that has a positive impact on Colombia and beyond.

This fashion season, we invite you to join us in celebrating Colombian crafts. Discover the beauty of tradition and modernity fused in each Claudia Akel garment. Every purchase you make is a statement of support for Colombia’s artisan communities and an affirmation of your commitment to sustainable and stylish fashion. We hope you enjoy this fashion season with us!

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