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Mochilas Wayuu, Symbols and tradition

In Claudia Akel our designs are inspired by Colombian and Latin American ancestral roots like the Wayuu. Most of our designs arise in this ethnic group and are complemented by creative ideas from the designer.

In Colombia, most cultures have common tissue, and for Wayuu culture, it’s so important because its identity stands out.

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The Wayuu tissue had changed in its sequence from the 20th century. This helped to create two techniques such as crochet y telares. Our handbag is characterized by taking care of these techniques and their symbols.

Wayuu handbag made by Claudia Akel hanging on a door in the Historic Center of Cartagena

Each Wayuu loom is different and with dissimilar meanings, some of them symbolize the roads, the dry rods of the roofs of the ranches traces left on the ground by the horse, and even, there are figures that represent the social pyramid.

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Our handbag is characterized by natural fiber and cotton threads, dyed by broadly bright colors in their different stripes.

We have unique garments that will connect with the essence of this community. We respect and safeguard the Wayuu tradition, in this way, we help preserve local fashion from a conscious production process.

Get to know the Wayuu handbag available in our store and carry your favorite.

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