modelo sosteniendo una mochila tradicional de la etnia Yukpa

Local fashion and ancestral value

The Colombian fashion industry has merged with ancestral knowledge to give added value to their creations. This has allowed us to experiment with a new angle of designs full of multiple shapes, colors, and patterns that result in unprecedented alternatives such as handbags, purses, baskets, ornaments, etc.

Some of Claudia Akel’s creations are complex structures that project multiple stories. Stories that range from the mythical to the romantic. This means for us as a brand to be ambassadors of Colombian and Latin American culture because we represent the hands and feelings of each artisan.

woman on the walls of cartagena carrying a guaviare envelope created by Claudia Akel

Colombia has become a benchmark for sustainable fashion and artisanal fashion. Claudia Akel’s products currently collaborate with more than six ethnic groups, such as Wayuu, Guaviare, Kogui, Arhuac, Uitoto, and Yaruro.

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The work of Claudia Akel

Our brand is dedicated to the artistic intervention of garments and articles made of cotton yarns, sheep wool, and bangs in natural fibers, obtaining local garments made entirely by hand. For this reason, each product is exclusive and safeguards the faithful weaving of the artisans.

Claudia Akel makes a tribute to ancestral knowledge and values with each of her designs through sustainable production. We share with you some of her designs and categories:

Handbags: they are the star product of our brand. You will find bags with Wayuu, Arauca, and Yukpa fabrics. Their intervention comes from the artistic inspiration of the designer.

A person lifting a Wayuu handbag on a wall.

Clutch: they are perhaps the most detailed products. Each one is unique because its fabrics and elements are different. It is the perfect accessory to look beautiful and elegant.

blind man holding up a guaviare envelope in downtown cartagena colombia

Baskets: reinforce the boho style here to stay and surround a bit of Claudia Akel’s essence. Its fabric has a couture finish, perfect for wearing garments ranging from the most colorful to the soberest.

Model with a handcrafted handbag on her back

Buy a handbag Claudia Akel contributes to keeping local fashion alive. This supports artisanal entrepreneurship and makes our consumption more responsible, sustainable and conscious.

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