Modelo usando una cartera Guaviare tejida

5 Reasons why Claudia Akel’s clutchs are the best option

Claudia Akel’s Guaviare clutch connect with its jungles and the symbols of its receipts from the Meta department. In this post, we give you five reasons why our clutch are the best option.

In different posts on our blogs, we have explained what Claudia Akel’s element of inspiration is, we have talked about how the designer has shown that craftsmanship can be converted to the language of fashion as an alternative to safeguard ancestral techniques. That’s why we take the territory of the Guaviare as inspiration, thanks to its weaving tradition that represents its personality and skills.

The first reason why choosing our clutch is that they are at the base of natural fibers that represent the ancestral knowledge of the Guaviare culture, they describe its thinking and everyday life. These fibers are extracted from plants known as palm breast and juajua.

The second reason is the intention of each tissue. For the Sikuani ethnic group, it is important to weave with symbologies and paint with native colors, from the Morrocoy shell. Men are in charge of the patterns of fabrics with a series of short parallel lines, arranged in a zigzag, in which Claudia Akel’s clutch are inspired. This series of patterns are also identified in utensils such as the sebum (Woboto) and the Yunubo.

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Clutch with fabric in traditional sikuani pattern

The third reason is due to the embroidery that makes them more attractive, this is where the designer’s intervention process begins. The fabric is embroidered with a light layer of sequined ornaments, giving it a copper color with gold and excellent finishes.

Guaviare clutch held by a model

For the fourth reason, we emphasize that they are the best option if you are looking for practicality and elegance. Well, its size is ideal for days or nights when you want to feel light.

And as a fifth reason, keep in mind that by buying a Claudia Akel product you indirectly contribute to safeguarding the tradition of the ethnic groups with which we work. We suggest a conscious and responsible textile production, which does not take attention to natural resources and values the effort of the craftsman.

Get to know the clutch available in our store and let yourself be wrapped by the elegance and comfort of Claudia Akel’s designs.

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