Mochila que demuestra la cultura a traves de los tejidos artesanales

Sacred tissues: culture to become in fashion

The fabric is involved in various activities of Colombian cultures. For the Arhuaca community, the tissues represent their life history, their origin, and the strength of the tribe. For them, more than a craft it is the way to create, exist and reproduce the echo of their community.

Therefore, the base of his handbag begins to be woven in the form of a spiral representing the movements of Serankwa (the first child that the Universal Mother had), which represents the sacred and ancestral of his work.

In this way, in Claudia Akel’s, some of our creations are an expression of Arhuaco art. Representing in our handbags, the diversity, and trajectory of them; carrying their cultural identity as a spokesperson.

Two people having a conversation wearing Claudia Akel handbags in the center of Cartagena

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In Colombia, local fashion has become unique creations that transcend borders, setting the tradition and the sacred of indigenous communities as a trend. Likewise, with our designs, we seek to transform and renew the ancestral concept into sustainable fashion, capable of carrying a clear message about the history that surrounds Colombian traditions.

Therefore, wearing handmade designs is already a representation of identity and preservation, to cultures, such as Arhuaca, thanks to the fact that we help show off handmade handbags that preserve the techniques of the artisans of the tribe.

Arhuaca handbag with light bow and handmade fibers

In our store you will find a variety of designs representing Arhuaco art and many more cultures that enrich our country, highlighting its art and tradition.

Get to know our catalog of handbags available in our online store and fall in love with the culture that surrounds us in Claudia Akel’s.

model posing with a large arhuaca handbag on a balcony in the center of cartagena

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