El arraigo por los tejidos artesanales en su pico más alto

The Colombian fashion: a trend inspired by tradition

Colombia is a country that stands out for its unparalleled coffee, landscapes, and diversity found in it. However, at present, there is already another quality that has made it stand out to the big cities of the world and it is fashion! This is mainly because many of the creations of Colombian designers contain the customs and stories that characterize our country.

Currently, Colombian fashion is at the peak of its trajectory because we evoke culture, innovation, and color! Likewise, in Claudia Akel we seek to be a reference of what characterizes ancestral traditions, reflecting in our handmade handbags, the history behind their fabrics.

Model holding yukpa handbag

Quality and sustainability

Another point in favor of Colombian fashion is the quality and sustainability that characterizes the industry, which has positioned us as one of the Latin American countries with the most demand in the market. In this way, our designs in Claudia Akel, seek to position and highlight the same qualities concerning quality and innovation within our product catalogs, such as our Arhuacas or Wayú backpacks or our handmade accessories.

Handcrafted fabrics

Maintaining the roots of Colombian artisanal fabrics with our products is more than a priority. We support the production of totally natural and artistic raw materials so that looking full of elegance goes hand in hand with our creations.

The mixture of textures, colors, and concepts, based on 100% Colombian ancestral inspiration, generates a great opportunity for Colombian commerce, where we can replace foreign purchases, by acquiring historical exclusivity with unique handmade designs.

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arhuaca handbag on a table

It’s time to show off Colombian fashion!

In this way, Colombian fashion is at the best moment of its use, since it is not only to look fashionable but to carry a culture and tradition with us. In Claudia Akel, we want to highlight nationally and internationally a trend that carries the color and texture that characterizes each region of our country. This is the right time to buy your original piece at our Claudia Akel store!

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