Mochila tejida a mano en co creación de Claudia Akel

The fashion handcrafted, it’s don’t expire. They are the trend for 2023!

Handcrafted accessories and handmade art are stronger than ever.

Bags and accessories in general never go out of style, and if we talk about handcrafted details, exclusivity and originality in your outfits will be trendy for many years to come.

As for 2023, on the world’s haute couture runways, these handcrafted accessories have caught the attention of top critics. Designers are choosing to include tradition and history in their creations.

With Claudia Akel you have the possibility of acquiring handmade handbags and handcrafted products, made by indigenous hands. This company, full of history and ancestral culture, specializes in making products that make a difference and allow the people who use them to feel and look special and different.


By 2023, the trend in all areas of fashion will be to maintain aesthetics, diversity and social transition, the latter applied to handcrafted designs, everything that refers to “handmade” and better, if tradition and style are mixed.

Werrengue basket placed near a swimming pool

Claudia Akel’s handcrafted products work perfectly to highlight your dresses and are ideal for everyday wear or for special and more formal occasions if that’s what you want. Being made by artisan hands, you are sure that your accessory will be unique and exclusive wherever you go to wear it.

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After experiences such as the Covid-19 pandemic, the designers have expressed in different press conferences that their intention with fashion 2023 is to return to the natural, to those techniques, processes and handmade finishes that keep traditions alive.

Model posing in Cartagena with a handmade arhuaca handbag

With the intention of returning to the ancestral and focus fashion in the traditions of indigenous peoples and handmade products, Claudia Akel offers bags, accessories and handbags with exclusive luxury designs, where in addition to look spectacular with them, you contribute to the creation of jobs for dozens of families and the maintenance of Colombian traditions.

Wear Claudia Akel’s, wear tradition!

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