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3 Essentials for looking elegant and fashionable in 2023

Craft handbags, hats and baskets, all you need is Claudia Akel.

2023 summer’s promises to be a sunny and colorful year with amazing trends. Vibrant tones, craft handbags, hats and transparencies are the main trends which you need to know to be fashionable this year.

Fashion industry has found in accessories the best way for exploring the imagination and art, to highlight your outfits. Through the concepts of tradition, handcrafted work, and crafts, Claudia Akel offers different types of accessories that you will want to have in your wardrobe right now.

In honor to ancient culture, Claudia Akel designs are made to wear in a summer paradise. Now, we will tell you 3 essentials to look elegant this 2023.

Hat crafts

If you are looking to keep all the eyes on you this summer, ¡our hats are the perfect choice for you! 

These accessories are perfect for any plan which you are preparing for this season. It’s a versatile and craft design that everyone who is really fashionable wants to have. 

Claudia Akel's handmade hats bring elegance, freshness and life to your outfits

Claudia Akel accessories, not only protect your skin to the sun, also add a “relax” and “cool” style to any outfit, keeping elegance and a formal style. Also, the craft history and  the indigenous tradition story provide that plus which you want to show off in your social meetings. 

Craft handbags, an essential which will never go out of style

Since years ago, the fashion industry has been setting a colorful handbag for these sunny days of the year. 

The trend for this 2023, handmade handbags and a indigenous descent is predicted to be one of the most important trends in this year. Raw material, oral tradition and the specific attention to details, makes you feel that our handbags it’s a must for you. 

Colorful handbag and exclusive handmade designs for you

¡It’s the perfect match! One of Claudia Akel’s most essentials for 2023, is the complement of details with the perfect combination of glamor and stylish, adding a mix of textures to elevate your look more sophisticated and chic in any situation.

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Model posing elegantly with a Wayuu handbag

Additionally to the typical handbag, in Claudia Akel you could show off your best style with an exclusive and 100% handmade design. With this accessory you will have a mix of textures, perfect to show a vibrant style in your events. 

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Baskets, an elegant and versatile option

If we talk about 2023 summer’s, baskets can’t be excluded. This accessory provides elegance and versatility that you need.

Their tissues, textures and all the design, it’s the perfect complement to show the indigenous tradition in every single detail. Also offers a look which attracts all the eyes on you, ¿aren’t you sure? just look at it by yourself.

Poses with Claudia Akel baskets which are full of tradition and elegance

¡It’s spectacular! as all the attention is on you, this accessory it’s so magnificent and it’s full of stories to tell to others. It’s one of the most important trends of this year to show off in any  event and at any moment.

It’s 100% handmade with a traditional ancestral story to tell, Claudia Akel designs are the perfect complement to your sophisticated, casual and chic look.

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