Modelo con mochila wayuu en calle de Cartagena

What does the pattern on Wayuu bags mean?

Do you want a story to tell?

It’s no secret that Cartagena is defined by its history, fabrics, and fashion. The ancestral cultures have a rich history that allows us to learn and reflect on a daily basis, through oral traditions and knowledge that has been passed down through time.

Wayuu heritage of an ancestral fashion style, specially reproduced and shared by the women, is full of designs and patterns which are based on the indigenous history, own experiences and urban legends.

Handmade fabrics on cotton or wool allow for unique designs that can be customized to your preferences. This makes it easier to create patterns with different styles.

Fabrics used in bags, purses, and other indigenous handmade designs also carry important meanings, giving you a story to tell when people ask about your accessories. Here are the meanings of some of the common patterns on designs of our culture.

1. Molokonoutaya

Image taken from Artesanías de Colombia

After knowing the types of fabrics of the bags, you will not see them in the same way again! The Molokonoutaya style or pattern, it’s related to the turtle’s shell. Our ancestors used natural patterns that were both aesthetically pleasing and complemented the bags perfectly. Definitely they were in the correct way!

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2. Pasatalouya

Image taken from Artesanías de Colombia

Indigenous creativity and their oral traditions, have no limits. Pasatalouya pattern, refers to the guts of the cow. Who would have thought that a beautiful pattern design could be inspired by something unusual?

3. Maruliünaya

Image taken from Artesanías de Colombia

The Maruliünaya pattern is not only intricate but also looks stunning on the Wayuu bags that we love to pair with our outfits. This design represents the same weaving technique that is traditionally used in Colombia, Panama, and Venezuela to create a type of kitchen utensil. Rather than an engraving, the pattern is created by the weaving of threads in a distinct way that gives it a unique and recognizable appearance.

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4. Jalianaya

Image taken from Artesanías de Colombia

Jalianaya pattern or design, has a particularity related to his meaning. “La madre de Kaanás”. Given that Kaanás means “the art of weaving” this design is considered one of the most popular and common in Wayuu’s fabrics.

5. Antajirasú

Image taken from Artesanías de Colombia

This design pattern has as a main reference “different ways intertwined”.  It represents the way in which destiny is found and adapted to get some things to happen.

6. Jimeuya

Image taken from Artesanías de Colombia

Jimeuya pattern, according to the indigenous ancestors, is related to the eye of a fish. As all the patterns, artisans found a way in which the most attractive nature shapes could be seen in the bags. This design has been part of the favorite style and design for all the people who wear Wayuu bags, decades along.

7. Pulikerüüya

Image taken from Artesanías de Colombia

According to the indigenous artisans, the Pulikerüüya pattern is related to the donkey genitals. Particularly, this design is embroidered with different shades of color to delimit the parts and sections of the pattern.

As you can see, there are so many fabric types, and the meaning of each of them, represents the history and culture for Cartagena and Colombia. At Claudia Akel, you can discover a variety of modern, exclusive, and colorful designs to wear in 2023.

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