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This is how tradition begins! We set artisanal trends around the world

Experience tradition and culture with Claudia Akel

The indigenous peoples of Colombia have a deeply rooted cultural conservatism within themselves. Their oral and artisanal traditions have been passed down from generation to generation to keep alive a process of craftsmanship that, with some improvements, is designed at Claudia Akel.

Part of the weaving and tradition process that we know of in the designs of the handbags comes from a history full of symbols, beliefs and a cultural process deeply rooted in history.

Traditionally, women are responsible for weaving and designing hammocks, handbags or our favorites, woven handbags. At Claudia Akel, indigenous women and their incredible talent acquired through tradition are the main element to achieve those exclusive designs intervened in Cartagena.

The handbags, the main attraction!

It’s no secret that indigenous handbags are recognized from afar. Their colors, weaves, patterns used to personalize the design, among other aspects, are features of a good bag.

un diseño único tradicional en las tiendas Claudia Akel

Since each piece is handmade by different people, you can trust that your handbag will not be like any other. The manufacturing process can take up to 20 days and you will have the guarantee of looking elegant at all times with your Claudia Akel accessories

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Weaving as a form of expression

The products offered by indigenous artisan hands come from a tradition where colors, weaves, and raw materials seek to preserve years and years of ancestral culture.

Each design imbued in the weavings made by indigenous communities represents a lifestyle and a unique and colorful way of each artisan’s personal conception of life.

All the weaving is handmade!

The woven straps and handles of the woven bags are a clear example of the versatility that indigenous hands in Colombia can have in their designs.

Diseños 100% hechos a mano

Have you ever imagined how a conventional handbag would look with a hand-woven strap? It looks amazing! These types of designs have the benefit of being traditional and can look good with any type of shoes, pants, etc.

The sizes and styles have a spectacular variety. The styles of their handbags, the handmade embroidery, and the colorful designs allow for crochet, a process by which they fold, weave, cut, and twist fibers, to create a design that exudes elegance and style.

At Claudia Akel, exclusive pieces are created entirely by hand by indigenous women who, together with the designer, maintain an impeccable tradition in the crafting of their handmade products.

The ancestral essence of each piece creates a connection with the Colombian history that looks best on us.

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Luce único y lleno de tradición con los diseños indígenas de Claudia Akel

When culture and art come together, unique, exclusive, and colorful designs are created, such as handmade artisanal handbags designed in Cartagena. They are a traditional and exclusive design, accompanied by a story to tell and an image of life that the artisan hands of the country possess.

If you are interested in displaying tradition, elegance, and a lot of style with Claudia Akel’s designs, check out our website and choose the handmade design that best fits your outfits.

From Cartagena, we take care of crafting and designing that perfect piece that will make you look beautiful and full of color.

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