Claudia Akel
Claudia Akel


Claudia Akel is a distinctive designer from Cartagena, Colombia who comes from a family dedicated to the art of jewelry. During her professional life, she has honored the Colombian indigenous culture and has committed her talent and creativity to design special and unique pieces inspired by the cultural values of her country.

Cultural Tribute

For many centuries, the indigenous people of Colombia have retained their cultural identity through their well developed practices in their textile industry. These groups are well known for their crafts and weaved handbags, and as a result of their inspiration from their natural environment this artistry is created.

Claudia Akel pays tribute to the ancestors of the Caribbean culture through the intervention of the traditional crafts with her modern art and fashion.”


Combination of materials

Claudia Akel's custom-designed items such as her handbags and bracelets are a dynamic combination of materials, concepts, and subjects that challenge the traditional boundaries and creates timeless pieces that can be worn every day.

The original materials are made by the indigenous people from the Caribbean region. The natural fibers comes from maguey and fique plant, lamb's wool, wild cotton and goat hair.

These materials are intervened with leather, precious stones tacks, Swarovski crystals, hand-painted silk, horn and other elements. The creativity of the designer and the use of these materials result in a unique hand-made product created with harmony and a reflection of tradition with modern art.

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